Our Goals

  • To maintain and enhance our identity as a nursing assistant school committed to the training of students from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups who will be sensitive to the needs of the underserved utilizing healthcare services.
  • To offer a training program that is based on sound nursing theoretical framework for the purpose of preparing graduates competent in caring for culturally diverse groups in entry-level nursing assistant in acute, long-term and community-based settings.
  • The Graduates of CAPTEC Professional Training Center who have passed their certification Examination will be qualified, competent, and available in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, wellness centers, Residential, Group homes, Government and Private Clinics, Schools, Doctor’s offices and other health facilities located in state of DC and Washington Metropolitan area.
  •  The students will be able to acquire knowledge and skills needed to provide care through a planned educational program that consists of classroom instructions, clinical practice, and on-the-job training.
  • CAPTEC Professional Training Center will provide an environment that will enhance learning and stimulate learning for students.
  • The classroom and laboratory will be equipped with modern equipment and state of the art equipment, materials and learning tool.
  • To maintain a faculty that is responsible for the total educational curriculum and for ongoing evaluation of the nursing assistant program to determine its adequacy in meeting the changing health care needs of the community.
  • Qualified and experienced faculty are hired and retained to meet up our standardized instructions.
  • At least 96% - 99 % of Graduate of CAPTEC Professional Training Center students pass certifying examination at first sitting.