The mission of CAPTEC Professional Training Center Inc. is to provide allied health education to our students from diverse backgrounds and prepare the students to enter the healthcare arena. CAPTEC will accomplish this with dedicated, well-educated, competent and experienced educators, appropriate clinical sites, and outstanding support staff.

We provide very high quality nursing assistant, home health aide training programs, the objective of which is to adequately prepare our students, men and women of diverse cultural, racial or educational backgrounds or those transitioning from another profession for entry level positions in nursing and allied health professions. Our training mission is superb. It is second to none. We expect our students to advance further into higher ladder of the medical professions in all its aspects regardless of their backgrounds.

Captec will provide the District of Columbia and the metropolitan area with the best trained and educated CNA/ HHA available. our students will be well trained and have the   ability to provide the best and sound  allied health care practice to a culturally diverse   clients in all health care setting to include but not limited to individual, family, group , institution , or community in a rapidly changing health care environment.